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All-Ukrainian Charitable Foundation Denysenko Denys Ukraine

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We are currently raising funds for 40 bulletproof vests for our defenders.
Some of the bulletproof vests will go to soldiers who are already fighting on the front lines. Others will equip defenders sent to the front in mid-June.
The cost of a bulletproof vest is UAH 6,500.

Target: UAH 260,000
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Defenders from the front line have requested 10 thermal imagers. A very important thing, in terms of their priority.
We have found responsible suppliers with quality equipment. It is very important to raise funds as soon as possible.
The cost of the thermal imager is UAH 28,000

Target: UAH 280,000
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By mid-June, it is necessary to equip the fighters who will be sent to the front from the Kiev region.
The main need today is 10 Kevlar helmets. The helmets are made according to NATO standards.
We have found responsible manufacturers who agreed to deliver the necessary helmets to us as soon as possible.
The cost of a helmet is 18,500 hryvnias

Target: UAH 185,000

We have received a request for an evacuation shunting vehicle.
We managed to find a car abroad and agree to reduce the price. But we need to raise funds as soon as possible. We are confident that the car will save many lives.
We will be grateful for each contribution. We are doing a common cause.
The cost of the car is UAH 236,000

Target: UAH 236,000
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Collection of aid to the residents of Ivankov village.
Despite its proximity to the capital, the village of Ivanksov is on the verge of a humanitarian crisis. Lack of opportunity to fully deliver food, lack of work and betrayal of the head of the village left the residents alone with troubles.
Our foundation has opened a fundraiser for humanitarian aid to the villagers and for help with reconstruction and return to normal life.
We will be grateful for each contribution. We are doing a common cause.

We are grateful for your help